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Other information:

The word “Ortho” translated from the Greek language means “correct”. The orthopedic mattress is made to support the spine and the back muscles. Thanks to this special mattress made for your needs you will always have a relaxing time and a deep sleep.

The orthopedic mattress has the firmness over medium level, representing a type of mattress that is not too hard and not too soft either, and has a height of 20 cm. The surface of the orthopedic mattress needs to be right, similar to a hard mattress, and when you seat on it has to take the shape of your body.  
Also, a very important difference between orthopedic and non-orthopedic mattresses is the elasticity comfort.  The elasticity comfort of an orthopedic mattress distributes correctly the pressure and the effort on muscles, indifferent of the body position on the mattress.
SalteaOrtopedică.md offers you orthopedic mattresses of a high quality, with the right elasticity comfort, different dimensions (including nonstandard dimensions), with vent buttons that makes it easy for the heat and humidity to pass through.