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Other information

Other information:

Our factory line-production is a line for "standard orthopedic mattresses". This line has a large production capacity due standard set, after which we get standard type orthopedic mattresses.

  • We manufacture orthopedic mattresses in this range with heights varying from 18-26 cm.

Our orthopedic mattress is made up of a core net-carbon spring steel with a thickness of 2.2 mm, connected by a spiral wire that provides a stiff resistance, which prevents deformation of the mattress when external mechanical actions. On the side mattress is a layer of polyurethane foam density 30 kg /mc, and a thickness of 3cm. Along with spring core is applied a strip of hard material, which will ensure that you never springs or elastic core exit. On the back is another strip applied polyurethane foam of density 85 Kg /mc, applicable for every two rows of arches, which will create a feeling of comfort to the touch. Then apply a layer of synthetic fabric, then put a layer of batting is, and mattress cover.

  • Another advantage of our mattresses is the fact that the cover has a mechanical zippers, allowing its removal to be cleaned periodically.
  • The cover is made from a fabric comprised 50% and 50% natural fiber synthetic fabric, has two studs air

Production line for standard orthopedic mattress has the following combination of sizes.

60 X 120 cm,

80 X 190 cm, 80 X 200 cm

90 X 190 cm, 90 X 200 cm

100 X 190 cm, 100 X 200 cm

120 X 190 cm, 120 X 200 cm

140 X 190 cm, 140 X 200 cm

160 X 190 cm, 160 X 200 cm

180 X 190 cm, 180 X 200 cm

Given that, your bed needs a mattress that does not like these dimensions, then you can opt for a custom made mattress after your exact size.