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Spring Mattresses


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Other information:

The orthopedic spring mattresses have become fashionable once people realized that their quality is superior to any other mattresses system. Orthopedic mattress springs is made from an elastic core that provides comfort in use. The elastic core is produced biconical springs linked by known Bonell system. This connection is made through non-deformable steel wire whose diameter is 2.2 mm. Elastic core is made from our factory and can be made to order for any size.

In the middle of the spring sits in "Pisla" - hard material that will not allow spring out of the core, and puncture pouch. Above this layer, apply a strip of polyurethane foam of 85 kg / m³ (density), which is applied over a layer of synthetic fabric. Then apply a layer of synthetic fabric, then put a layer of batting is, and inbraca mattress cover.